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About Us:

Several members of Chapter 2 Statesville who live in Winston Salem felt the time was right to establish our own chapter here. Our charter was granted on 12/6/06. We are grateful to our brothers and sisters in Chapter 2 for all of their support.

Since then we have had people from other counties in the triad to also join. Welcome to all the new members and thank you for your continued  support. 

Rolling Thunder® Inc. is NOT a motorcycle club.  You DO NOT need to own a motorcycle to belong.  Yes, many of our members do in fact ride motorcycles.  This has a great deal to do with the freedom and independence that riding gives and after all, isn't that what this country was built on?

Many members have served or are currently serving in the US Armed Forces.  Other members are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, or just friends of someone who has served or is currently serving.  And others are folks who have no military past, but care about the issues that Rolling Thunder cares about. 

So please if you see the Rolling Thunder® Inc. logo,


amongst the leather vests, patches, pins and motorcycles, take a moment to come over and say hi.  We will be happy to explain to you what we do and why we do it so that you can better understand what we are all about.